Tuesday, July 12, 2011

365 Day 193

let's try this again...

Okay...take two. Today the plaster cloth changes to the cat-creature are dry and I can start to repaint it. I know it won't be the same as the first version, but hopefully I can get close because I liked the way the paint looked before.

This time I am doing ALL of the spraying in the garage. I learned my lesson(s) the first time -- this paint has VERY intense fumes. No drying in the guest bathroom this time.

It was already getting pretty dark out in the garage and it was hard kind of hard to see what I was doing (not that it makes all that much difference...LOL). I also forgot to take photos between paint layers...had to work quickly and leave time for shaking the cans.

I threw in another spray paint color this time. I went from yellow to poison to olive. I will do the rest of the painting with regular acrylics and a brush. Maybe in the morning I will touch up the spray...maybe not.

OH -- and I remembered to mask the eyes! Yay...less scraping later.

Gesso coat...admittedly he looks pretty creepy right now.

back view gesso coat

the three colors of Montana Gold spray paint I used this time

what he looks like so far...in the dark garage

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