Saturday, July 2, 2011

365 Day 183

updates, prep work and many photos

Today I have mostly been doing prep work on plaster cloth guys. I have been tweaking some of them and in this entry I will show the progressions of 4 of them.

Last week (I think it was) when Juana was over, I expressed to her my frustration with some of my plaster cloth guys and how I basically liked them, but not fully. She gave me a tip for making cats by making three balls for the face.

This guy started out as a ball on a tube on a plaque.

...and turned into this weird open-mouthed bird thing -- which started out as a cat whose ears didn't work and they were getting hard and so I turned them into a beak...

...but this guy has creeped me out from the get-go.

So he turned into some sort of cat/owl/thing...I liked him sort of but not really...

YAY! Now this cat/owl is more of a cat!

I adjusted the ears a bit and played with the nose a bit and now I am really really happy with my first "sculpted" cat! Thank You, Juana!!!

Naturally, I was very excited and encouraged by the success of that first cat. So I had to keep going.

This was a very plain medium-size cat-shaped guy that I started to make for some show and then decided not to do it.
His arms are laying on the grid to the left of him.

YAY -- three balls later (and more ears) and he is a lion/cat guy!


Still "up" with my progress, I continued on...

This is how this guy started out...a box on a paper tube on a plaque...

...that turned into a fox/wolf sort of creature...

...and then it got home made painted glass eyes...

 he got shoulders...

...and a whole bunch more tweaking...taller ears, more symmetrical face, rounder/more even head shape in the back...

...and more chin

Now -- the WOAH moment...because I was still really excited and happy with the results I was getting.

This guy started out as a humanoid shape -- a sort of autumn avatar intended for a figurative show -- but I was really not happy with it at that stage and shelved it. He morphed into 'Nipped (the guy who is hopelessly addicted to catnip) for the Meth & Hot Dogs show at LIFT. I liked his companion piece The Nice (his catnip dealer) just fine, but I was just not happy with 'Nipped. I would have withdrawn him but I had already committed to the show and he was already listed in the photo gallery, etc. BUT, I figured no one would buy him if I priced him high and then I could re-work him.

'Nipped and The Nice...

'Nipped was not totally horrible, but I just wasn't happy with it...and I had made him several different ways already...lots of paint-ups...ending up with layers of tissue paper and matte medium to get the colors and an acrylic painted faceon top of the paper...then heavily clear-coated to seal the paper and face. (The Nice was done in the same manner, but I like him fine.)

I figured at some point I would turn 'Nipped into something I like...

And today was the day!

I turned 'Nipped around so that the back of his head is his new face...and used the three-ball system again

With him facing this way he has more motion...his head is sort of tilted and looking slightly sideways

There is 'Nipped's old face...look how flat is was...that was one of the big problems for worked for Chime Cat but it didn't work for ' least not for me.

LOOK at him -- he looks like he wants to be a tiger!

I am SO happy with this guy now!

If he ends up a tiger, painting him to look like one will be a major problem/challenge for me!

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