Wednesday, July 13, 2011

365 Day 194

things are coming along...

I did a few more touch up layers on the cat-creature this morning, out in the garage. He stayed out there all day drying and letting go of paint fumes. I still needed to paint around his eyes and add more details and colors.

This is how he looked when I brought him in from the garage.

Also today I got started on transferring Penciled In images onto the little blocks. At the moment Juana Moore and I are finishing up our Summer 2011 "All-Star" edition for Art-o-mat and those will be packed up and sent out early next week. I have fallen about a week behind on my production estimate for that set. We did 100 this time (instead of 50) and you can actually see all of them over at the Penciled In blog.

The transfers I am doing today are for a guest collaboration for Penciled In with William Hessian. This series probably won't be ready until late Summer or early Fall. William will be putting his spin on the characters...should be really great!

This is one of two new characters I drew for the next edition. It is a young yeti.

And this is another new character, a young raccoon-ish guy. I imagine William will make him look more raccoony.

William and I will be doing an edition of 100 pieces. Today I transferred 70 drawings to blocks...30 to go.

Then I made a pot of black bean chili/soup...and started it simmering.

Okay. Back to painting the cat-creature.

I pulled out some brushes and some colors and just dove in.

This is after the first bits of color around the eyes and in the ears and in the mouth.

Then I got braver and started mixing and adding more colors. You can't really see it, but there are many colored dots on the back and sides of the creature. I also dry brushed some teal and blue to the cheeks and around the eyes.

I don't think I'm totally done yet. I want to see how it looks when it is more dry.

I added more colors all over and I still have to scrape off the mess around the edges of the taxidermy eyes...but this may be basically how it will look.

Unless I decide to do something different with the eyes. It looks better in person because the taxidermy eyes are way cool, and I will try and take better photos tomorrow...I expect to be finished with it then. The ambient light from the skylight was beginning to fail in the session over for tonight...LOL.

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