Monday, July 4, 2011

365 Day 185

good gosh I hate to paint

There is only one thing I can say to express my true feelings about having to paint. I think it was originally said by the incredible canine thespian -- Lila -- "hah-buh-buh-buh-buh-hah-buh-hah", while tossing her head expressively. (I hope I quoted her correctly.)

I really, truly went into this full of hope and with high spirits. I did the base coats last week sometime with Montana Gold spray paint. I wasn't thrilled with the results (or the intense paint aroma), but it put some color down for me. It's not the paint, it's me. I am not totally giving up on the spray paint, but I am done with it for now.

how they started out with the base coat of colors

this guy is going to end up with 30 coats of paint...I can just feel it...LOL

a gray wolf-creature? dunno...probably not

this cat creature guy looks like he is glowing

I don't mind him so much, but I am scared to do the eyes.

Perhaps a collaboration (with an artist who actually enjoys painting) is in order???? Yeah -- maybe!

Okay...I have 100 Penciled In blocks to scan now.

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