Saturday, July 9, 2011

365 Day 189 (catch up post)

still painting guys...slow going

Today is a day of two posts because I have to make up for yesterday's missed one while I was Bendaryl'd.

Today I was back to painting plaster cloth guys. It is very slow going with these three. I am pretty happy with the green/brown cat-creature and the blue/purple wolf-creature is okay but I keep changing my mind about the knobby guy. I decided I didn't like his metallic dots.

Today he started out yellow(s) with metallic dots of different, copper, blue, purple, turquoise in variations of combos.

The two other guys got a base coat of white for their eyes. (Thank You, Juana, for the painting the eyes tips.)

Next the knobby guy got a thin wash of very pink paint. The light in the bathroom gets an odd glow because of the green walls. The countertop is actually are the paper towels.

This is how the eyes look after a couple of color washes each. The cat-creature is getting yellow eyes and the wolf-creature is getting orange eyes.

Another wash of color on the eyes and a thin wash of orange over the knobby guy's coat of pink.

I was still not happy with the knobby guy's progress and then I remembered my alcohol ink(s). I couldn't find the bottle of stuff that spreads the colors, -- for now -- I practiced with layering some of the colors I have and seeing how they would run and blend. They got a bit muddy in places, but I basically like the look. I will locate the bottle of stuff that blends the inks and after I re-coat this guy with yellow again, I will take another stab at spraying the alcohol inks.

I still need to experiment with the tips Juana gave me. I won't be able to paint eyes as well as she can (of course) but I am dreading the painting a little less than before.

This is as far as I got on these this afternoon because my sister arrived and it was time for all of us to go to the student show at Art & Ideas. See photos in the post for today, 365 Day 190.

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