Friday, July 15, 2011

365 Day 196

pulling MORE prints...scraping paint...retouching paint...sleep deprived, I need a nap

Woah -- I need to get a nap...just an hour, hour and a half...that would be great...but I may be too excited to sleep...Cheap Trick concert tonight!

Okay. Last night when I got home I tried pulling two more prints each of the two linocuts I was printing yesterday. I just couldn't get them...especially the one carved in the textured stuff. I worked on those from 2:45 - 4:30 this morning. I dozed in my chair from 5:00 - about 6:45...this is part of the sleep deprivation...then I had to meet up with my sister.

Then I came home and worked on cleaning up the eyes on these two plaster cloth guys.

this guy is still just pretty much in base coat stage

he didn't even flinch

clean eyes...didn't nick the surrounding paint

I gave him some lip color and set him aside for later

this cat-creature guy needed more than just scraping the paint...some of the plaster cloth needed to be removed, too

which left white areas that needed to be touched up

and then cleaned up again


tree guy linocut relief print...passable to show as the submission for that show...I can probably get a better one and I want to make the lines a little deeper on the leaves

I don't think this is going to print better than this...the material it is carved in is textured...some day I may re-carve it in regular harder lino material like the tree guy because I like the images...I am happy with this print

NOW I am going to try and slow down and get that nap!


Woodie said...

I love seeing your progress on they guys, the cat creature is my fav. I love the expressiveness!

Took said...

Thank You so much, Woodie!

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