Friday, July 22, 2011

365 Day 203

I'm tired of walking around these things in the studio... I am making something with a few of them today! Balls, empty cardboard tape rolls, and a tomato start with.

Okay. I taped the bottom ball to the tomato cage. I set the first empty cardboard tape roll on the ball and taped it down.
Then I balanced the larger ball on the neck/cardboard roll to see if it was tall enough...nope. I added the second (wider) cardboard piece and taped that to the first one. Then I added the red ball and taped it all the way around.

I tried on a few other items for a nose/muzzle but they wouldn't stay because the whole assembly is still a bit lightweight. Once the plaster cloth gets on and hardens it'll be fine. I was just trying to cut another corner. The first corner I cut was not covering everything with masking tape first. This is the first time I am trying this on a large area so I hope it works (the not taping everything first part).

Next I grabbed a good handful of plaster cloth. It needs to be cut into triangle-shaped pieces because I have a lot of curved areas to work on. I read somewhere that you can make the triangle-shaped plaster cloth go onto any shape area...and it is true.

Okay. That's done.

Now I started to secure the major areas with plaster cloth triangles.

The triangles really make a difference with the "seams" between the red ball and the top of the cardboard roll.

I looked at the clock on the computer when I was sitting down to start the plaster cloth part. Just to get this far (which is practically not very far at all) took roughly 45 minutes.

I really needed to dump the water because it was cooled way down. The hotter the water, the quicker the plaster. It is messier, but you can manipulate the plaster cloth better. In these first stages I like to work quickly to secure things together and the plaster sets a little faster when the water is warmer, too.

Okay. I started round two and worked until the water cooled down again...about a half hour I think.

This is as far as I got.

I wanted to get the photos uploaded and do the blog entry now because once I refresh the water I am not going to want to stop until the ball is totally covered and the ears are shaped. And no doubt that would have cut it waaaaay to close to my midnight deadline.

But I DO need to finish covering this right now so that everything dries together on the big ball.

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