Sunday, July 10, 2011

365 Day 191

just when you think you have things figured out -- painting-wise

Meh...what a day.

I started out needing to re-base-coat the knobby guy because his colors were waaaaay too muddy after he dried yesterday. Well, I guess using the alcohol inks makes a difference because regular acrylic paint acted like canned frosting. If you can believe it, this is yellow craft paint on top of the alcohol inks...kinda fluffy.

So I decided to try and gesso him to get him back to a white base coat. Heh...he wasn't having it. This is coat number one of gesso. (yeah, there is a green glow to my bathroom lighting, but trust me...he is still caramel-colored.)

Gesso coat number two...still light brown.

By this time I was just plain determined to get him as close to white as, stubbornly on my part...this is gesso coat number three.

While that coat of gesso was drying, I turned my attention to working on the eyes of the wolf-creature. Bad choice. I messed them up big time. Then I figured I would put those small clear glass pieces over the painted eye and plaster cloth them on...needing to touch up the blue & purple paint.

Well, that didn't work this got wet underneath the glass piece and I had to pull the plaster cloth off. So I decided to try and paint a pair of eyes on the glass beads...

...ewwwwww. I am going to sit this guy on the "save it for later" shelf and order him a pair of nicely painted taxidermy eyes...I feel like I owe it to him.

 that was frustrating...what to do now? Oh, I know -
how about MORE frustration? I took the knobby guy out to the garage to spray him yellow with Montana Gold spray paint...what a mess.

Then I decided that since he was already in the garage I could go ahead and really spray the alcohol inks without the consequences of a stained bathroom counter. First color, not bad.

Next color...not too bad.

Third color, not horrible...but it looks really cool when it is WET. Unfortunately, when it dried...

 went muddy just one area.

So I left it outside to totally dry and stomped back inside to find more trouble to get into.

That left the green cat-creature. I should have stopped for the day...but nooooooooo.

This is photo is from yesterday...before I started to "fix" the eyes of the wolf-creature and cat-creature.

I may have messed up the wolf-creature...but I totally wrecked the cat-creature. So badly in fact, that I just left it and stomped out to watch tv and sulk for a while. While I was in that area, I was rummaging through the top drawer in the little dresser thing that the phone sits on, next to my chair. I found a pair of nicely painted taxidermy eyes! I had totally forgotten about them.

They were clearly too large for the cat-creature the way he was...but hey, he was totally wrecked at this point...and there goes the paint job I half-liked...I decided to add the too-large eyes with plaster cloth. But I had to change his face a little...

And he has a completely different look now...kind of a cat-minnow-creature...

...but I don't hate him.

The half-nice paint job is kinda ruined...may be fixable...

...but at least I can live with him this way. I like the taxidermy eyes...they are a little crooked, but that was the only way they'd fit onto the surface. It will look better when I work on it some more.

And of course this leaves the knobby guy who is still sitting outside where I left him.

I misted the colors with some alcohol (I can't find the stuff that I was looking for yesterday). It looks really good when it is still WET...preeeetty colors.

But then it starts to dry and starts to blend and starts to go muddy. Also, at this point, the knobby guy's glass eyes are totally painted over. It will take quite a bit of scraping to get all of that off...but I know it will come off.

I don't know...I don't totally hate him...he still needs more work and the knobs will get colored differently...but I guess the underneath parts are okay/so-so. For now.

He could get a whole 'nother look on another day...who knows.

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Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

Sounds like were having one of MY days! LOL! You're probably being harder on yourself than any of us would. I like the big eyes on the cat by the way.

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