Tuesday, July 26, 2011

365 Day 207

the taxidermy eyes arrived!

I am very excited -- the taxidermy eyes I ordered from Van Dyke's Taxidermy arrived on Monday in the late afternoon. I have been playing around with placing them on several of the plaster cloth guys that are still under construction. They may or may not end up where I placed them -- especially the large clear ones.

I will need to add color to all of the clear ones. They are actually sold as "black pupil flint fish eyes" and this is what Van Dyke's has to say in general about them: Flint fish eyes feature only a painted pupil. This enables the taxidermist to create the design that best fits their individual needs.

in this photo:
36mm black pupil flint fish eyes
30mm large pupil leopard eyes
20mm dark coyote eye
19mm black pupil flint fish eyes (2 pr)
14mm black pupil flint fish eyes (2 pr)

I think that from now on I will not order any eyes under 19mm. The two 14mm pairs are just barely big enough to work with but kind of /sort of fit the two plaster cloth guys they will end up on...although the faces of those two guys may change a bit.

Another pair of the smallest fish eyes.

One of the 19mm pairs of clear fish eyes.

the 20mm dark coyote eyes...they seem quite a bit larger than the 19mm clear fish eyes. They are a lot more rounded...like a half of a marble. The fish eyes are flatter.

These are the 30mm leopard eyes (large pupil version).
Again, these eyes are quite round.

Now look at how different the same 36mm clear fish eyes look on these three guys...

This bear-ish guy with the twirly lawn sprinkler crown will get a much nicer face eventually.

This sight hound-type guy will also look different when he is completed. The eyes look to be a good size for him.

Three different placements of the same eyes on the same guy.

I haven't decided whether this guy (and his twin...and perhaps more relatives) will get glass eyes or painted on eyes.

See how the expression changes when you move the eyes?

I like this placement the best out of the three (so far)...but they may end up with painted on eyes so that they look more like toys...I don't know what they are yet, though.

Van Dyke's has SO many wonderful choices of eyes in SO many sizes. I want to start buying a few every so often and stockpiling some.

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