Friday, July 29, 2011

365 Day 209 -- ooops missed my deadline!

we were having too much fun --

Juana came over this evening and we looked through a box of Magic: the Gathering cards that I got from eBay.

Then we looked at the variations I came up with for a new label for our collaborative Art-o-mat series called Penciled In. We ended up with this one.

Then we went to dinner at Mr. Thai in Northville, then we came back and I fed the cats and then we started playing Magic. We played two games and we were mildly aware of the time.

When we started playing the third game it still felt fairly early.

We were having so much fun that by the end of the game it was a shock to both of us that it was after midnight! I decided it was a good trade off and that I'd just write about what happened.

Before we went to dinner, Juana agreed to help me think up titles for three of my pieces that were accepted for an upcoming show in Detroit. So after we played the last game of Magic we had a piece of Zingerman's coffee cake and started brainstorming. Mostly we laughed and goofed off, but we finally arrived at suitable titles. Oh man...did we laugh!

And that is why I missed my midnight posting deadline.


SOiNTOiT said...

ha ha ha....1:27AM counts, you silly girl! least in my book! On another topic...I have a box of blocks on a ship in the middle of the Pacific somewhere...I think it's where the original 'slow-boat-to-China' came from...but it's to Japan. Hope they're not waterlogged by the time they get to me in who-knows-maybe-mid-Aug. Glad to make the reconnection and see you're as busy as ever. :)Pam

Took said...

About my deadline...I made an agreement with myself & set down some basic "rules/guidelines" for posting when I started the 365 Project for this year. Midnight is my personal deadline...even a minute after is counted as late. I wanted to be accountable to something again.

I am not beating myself up for this particular missed deadline. I figure Juana and I were having a good time AND that we were half-"working" on art stuff (while we were playing magic).

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