Saturday, July 23, 2011

365 Day 203 -- part two

whew...that's enough for tonight!

Cool -- I am getting better at estimating how much plaster cloth I need to cut up for a session. I only had a few trianlges left over this time!

I am really happy with this guy so far.

This is the back view of him.

This is the underneath part of the smaller ball.

Since I didn't cover the balls with masking tape, I thought I better totally cover them with plaster cloth...just in case.

And here is the front view. I am really in love (right now) with the roundness and relative smoothness of this guy. I might leave him like this.


That would mean some heavy duty (for me) painting when it comes time.

I could leave him like this and make another one and give the new one a face that has more shape to it. Hmmm...

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