Sunday, July 3, 2011

365 Day 184

a little bit of painting and a lot of strange drawings

On and off today I was painting this guy's spots...

..and going through my relief printmaking class sketch book looking for drawings within drawings and tracing the results for possible future carvings (while I was watching tv). It's funny...even as I was taking the photos just now, I was seeing even more creatures and objects in the same pages that I hadn't seen before. Perhaps this was because I was standing over them, looking down from a different perspective. I think Shaqe was pretty spot on when she said I'd be able to go back and keep finding more and more things in my "automatic"/intuitive drawings.

this sort of looked like a zebra-creature so I filled him in (image is on the far right of the notebook)

this looked like a leaf and a sort of woodland deity so I traced the head and added more of the leaves

some sort of really weird coloring book calf-ish creature?

a wolf/bear combo creature?

a guy and his talking dog creature?

some sort of little (red) riding hood owl-creature?

alpaca-ish guy

my nod to Portlandia's "Put a Bird on It"...LOL

sleeping kitty

the rest of these guys remind me of William Hessian's "Chubby Creatures" -- which I suppose is sort of fitting since William was the one who showed me this "automatic drawing" method

I like these guys but I like William's Chubby Creatures more

I probably wouldn't "see" these creatures if I wasn't aware of his, though

here are two versions of this guy --
this is version 1 -- running

version 2 -- leaping

I would call this one Prancy

this came from the same area, only with a different head

I pulled a lot of variations out of this area


williamhessian said...

these are really amazing. its funny because your sketches are now inspiring me to do more automatic drawing things in my books, which i dont normally do a lot of. I really like your results, you are very good at finding lovable and/or interesting characters in your pages. Are the tracing paper images going to be wood blocks?

Took said...

The tracing paper images will probably become carvings eventually -- most likely lino cut blocks.

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