Friday, May 13, 2011

365 Day 133

small steps...

Okay, I have done pretty much nothing all day...again. I found myself in my studio thinking of a Donovan song and all of a sudden I was aware that it was like 10:30 at night and I hadn't made anything yet for the 365 Project. Gah!

I dug the CD out of the music closet, put it in the computer and started it. I looked around the studio for something, something, SOMEthing...what? Dunno...I can't do anything in an hour. Plaster cloth is too involved and I am not feeling it right now. Collage? No...couldn't finish.

Then I spied that three ghosts "painting"/canvas I have been working on in stages.

I was trying to put layer upon layer of color on the ghost in the middle and I wanted to try and scratch through the layers so you'd see different colors of fur/hair on the monster. I scratching it last week and was sorely disappointed. That works just fine with underglazes and clay...but apparently not with acrylic paint and canvas.

(Oh yeah -- at some point -- I'm not sure when -- it was revealed to me that the creature in the middle is not a ghost -- it's a monster...the other guys are ghosts.)

So then my mind started wandering again, but not wanting to let go of those monster fur ideas. Then I thought of the bear in the kitchen that I love so much. All those tiny little lines. Kinda Edward Gorey-ish in that it is only single lines that change direction and intensity, etc. I obviously do not have the technical words for the style(s). Whatever.

I decided to give it a go. Just start it. Put a layer of little lines on. And I can always paint over it if I really hate it.

Of course, it looks nothing at all like the beloved bear or like Edward Gorey drawings...that is okay -- they are the *inspiration*, this is mine. I think I am beginning to like it.

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