Tuesday, May 10, 2011

365 Day 130

one last look

Come Play With Me (my first-ever big time juried show) closes at the end of the week out at Paint Creek Center for the Arts in Rochester, MI.

When Sue (my sister) and I m
et up today for coffee and stuff we found -- much to our mutual delight -- that we both had the time to take a run out to Rochester. Sue and I rarely get to do simply F*U*N things anymore...there is usually some sort of trust fund business attached or some sort of errand or something. We were so excited to grab a coffee at Solid Grounds and jump in the car and go.

Sue was with Juana and me when we took our pieces out for the installation because Chime Cat wouldn't fit in my car -- he had to ride in the back seat of Sue's truck. She will also be the driver when we pick the stuff up next week. But today was pure pleasure.

And bless her heart...Sue knows how enamored I am of Mike Sivak's giant marble game. She actually stood and studied the piece and was trying to figure out how I might be able to keep Twink from turning it into a grand cat hotel if we purchased it. She was honestly going to write a check for it...we were ~ that ~ close to doing it! Gawd, I love my sister!

Sue taking a cell phone shot of Mike Sivak's incredible marble game

In the end we both decided we wouldn't want Twink to destroy such a magnificent piece of art and if I brought it home with that rambunctious kitten, we'd have to get some sort of plexiglass case built for it and that would defeat the whole play/purpose of it. Instead, I get to make a few purchases at his one-night-only show tomorrow at Motor City Brewing Works in Detroit...yay!

Chime Cat Visits Cloud City

Sue taking a photo of Juana's 3 dolls

4 Tookies (finger puppets) with red dots!

detail of Mike Sivak's marble game -- I see something new everytime I look at it

more of Mike's piece

those birds have such personality!

more details

Aunt Sue and her plaster cloth nephew

We also took a
spin around Andy Krieger's solo show in the first floor gallery. Sue bought herself a Pewabic tile from the gift area and we headed back home.

What a great day!

a last look at Come Play With Me

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