Monday, May 16, 2011

365 Day 136 -- part three (wow!)

wow -- part three -- I must really like this stuff!

I made this cat base about a month ago I think. Then I didn't use it. But I like it...and I like this new plaster cloth enough to get back into it again for the third time today!

That involves getting wet, getting plastery up to my elbows (almost) in my plaster shirt, getting plaster under my nails, having pruney & plastery fingertips, needing to dispose of the water carefully (not dump it down the sink), all that good stuff.

But you know what? I REALLY like this new stuff and I REALLY like working with plaster cloth.

As usual, I am not sure what this will end up being or what its purpose is yet...but it is cat-ish.

Cat-ish guy with one coat of plaster cloth...his "dear paws" are next to him on the grid.

You know, I think that is the part I love the most when I make a cat guy -- making the paws -- I have to hold them and touch them and smooth them and shape them so much it is like I am holding hands with the cat...the same thing happened with Chime Cat.

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