Tuesday, May 17, 2011

365 Day 137

under the glass or on the glass?

You know those clear glass bead things with the flat bottoms that they sell at places like Michaels for putting into vases (or for using as counters for Magic: the Gathering)...they come in clear clear, clear red, clear teal, clear gold, clear blue, etc.

Tonight I experimented with making eyes and which would work better -- painting directly on the flat bottom of one of those glass beads -- or -- painting the surface under the bead.

I played around with making a sort of upper and lower lid around the "eye", too. This is my first attempt and I think it went pretty well, considering.

I think that the eye that was left unpainted (with the surface underneath it being the colored part) is more interesting to look at. It has a bit more color variation in it. The eye that has paint applied directly onto the bottom of the glass is a little more uniformly colored and flat looking.

When you tip the piece to look down into the eye, the one with the paint under the clear eye needs to be painted more...you can see where the paint stops and the glass keeps going -- but looking straight on it looks cool. Looking down on the eye that is painted directly onto the glass, it looks more like a taxidermy eye...not as professional, of course...but it has more of that look to it.

I have a lot more experimenting to do!

eye with painting under the clear bead
-- straight on

eye with paint directly on the bottom of the bead -- straight on

eye with paint under the bead -- looking down onto the eye

eye with paint directly on the bead -- looking down onto the eye

lots of glare from overhead lighting...

eye on the left has paint under the bead

eye on the right has paint on the bead

I am using some of those cardboard tubes that people have been giving me and that I have been saving up (you know, from paper towels, toilet paper, wrapping paper, etc.) and putting thin layers of plaster cloth on them so that I can practice directly on the type of surface I will eventually be working with. These tubes/examples will all be joined together at some point and made into a sort of a studio snake that will make its way around the walls of my studio. Today's experiments with the glass beads as eyes will be a section of the snake.

Oh yeah...one other thing...

I brought Chime Cat back home today!!!

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