Friday, May 20, 2011

365 Day 140

crocodile (guy) smiles

I once owned a rubber stamp company called Crocodile Smiles -- today this guy is looking a little less bitey and a little more smiley.

upside down on the grid for the first layer on the box

I put this box frame around the back of his head hoping to give him the start of a neck or something I will be able to attach something else to.

The box had no top or bottom, so I needed to fill in the corners to help stabilize everything. I am not sure it was totally necessary, but what the feels sturdy (for now).

the head in the box frame...starting to fill in the corners

filled in and smoothed out inside the box

Laying on its side it looks like a laughing dog wit
h a long nose, panting. I wanted to get a couple of quick photos of it standing straight up, too...while it still can. I am not convinced it isn't doomed to fall apart at some point. There is so much jaw that will hang off the edge of the neck (unless it is looking straight up into the air...LOL). No matter...I am having fun and learning more and more about using the plaster cloth.

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