Saturday, May 14, 2011

365 Day 134

three assemblage artists -- one fantastic show

I don't generally venture out to openings on my own and I nearly didn't go tonight -- but wow -- am I ever glad I did!

Three very different assemblage artists, each with a very distinct and strong artistic voice, are showing together in "Part of a Whole" at Art & Ideas in Plymouth, MI. The show runs through July 2.

Each artist gave a brief talk, explaining the thread that runs through her collection of work for this show. It was a packed house and I was totally captivated by each artist's story. Admittedly, I am fairly new to opening receptions, but this is the first one I've attended with the artist(s) speaking about their work and telling a bit about various pieces...what a wonderful idea and a marvelous way to be introduced to an artist who was previously unknown to me. I really really really enjoyed myself!

Joan Potter Thomas and one of her pieces.

Leann Meixner and one of her assemblages.

Lynn Krawczyk and three of her circular pieces.

Joan Potter Thomas

Leann Meixner

Lynn Krawczyk

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creatingme said...

oh goodness...SO COOL!

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