Sunday, May 22, 2011

365 Day 142

lots of plaster cloth going on

I went back into the studio for a second round of plaster cloth last night at around 11:15 and before I knew it it was after 5 in the morning...I was having that good of a time.

Here is the overall shot of two sessions of work, followed by session two's guys. Not much to say other than I was pretty sleep deprived by the end and lost a lot of today dozing. (I hate when that happens.) But I did get a lot done!

group shot of two days work

"before"/cat like guy

"after"/cat like guy

"before"/wolf like guy

"after"/wolf like guy

"before"/sheep like guy

"after"/sheep like guy

"before"/the bubble wrap wrapped guy from yesterday

"after"/hippo?/dog? like creature -- not sure if I will use this

"after"/swimming tube guy with big clear glass spots

"after"/swimming pool foam guy with glass beads underneath -- back view

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