Saturday, May 21, 2011

365 Day 141

plaster cloth continues...

First I plaster cloth layered the 47" tube that Juana gave me. I have an idea for it.

this tube is forty-seven inches l-o-n-g !

I gave a bit of shape to two of the 8" guys.

I wrapped one of the thinner swimming pool foam floaty tube guys with large bubble wrap and then covered it with more plaster cloth in an effort to give it a random uneven surface.

plaster cloth over bubble wrap...hmmm...

this still needs work, but at least it has some shape now

And one of the box on a
tube guys is starting to look like a guy a little bit.

flames...horns...points...animal...human...dunno yet

I am still not sure what they will turn out to be, but it is a start!

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