Friday, May 6, 2011

365 Day 126

framed 18 pieces of art -- hung 7 -- moved 3


Juana and I had a great time yesterday shopping and playing Magic: the Gathering...but in between those things Juana helped me measure and figure out framing for a few pieces of art I have been longing to hang up. I have a large box of unframed art -- some of it over 10 years old. I can rarely afford to frame something when I buy it, so it goes in the "someday" box. I have been nickel-and-diming my tax refund and with the nearly end of it we managed to stretch it as far as possible, framing up a total of 18 pieces of art that have been waiting to see the light of day...concentrating on William Hessian, Kettle and Gus Fink.

Today I have been assembling the elements and hanging the artwork.

I also moved the three bear prints to new wall locations -- I really like them where they all are!

Sorry for the glare in the glass of the artwork in the photos.

The twelve tiny William Hessian "Chubby Creatures" are in a frame that opens like a medicine cabinet. I mounted the little pieces on velcro dots so that you can move them around into whatever order you want to. Geez, they make me smile!

1 comment:

Pacific College Mom said...

LOVE, love, LOVE this idea!

I've suddenly decided I need more art in my house, and as soon as finals are over, I will be making more!

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