Tuesday, May 3, 2011

365 Day 123

okay...an example of how stuff happens to/for me

I was in my car at 7 Mile & Haggerty sitting at the light and there was a road crew putting a sign together. The one guy was maneuvering the unwieldy long legged sign into the brackets. Once it was in, it was pretty secure. Then the guy on the truck thew him a sandbag and they plopped it onto a corner of the brackety part of the structure.

A light bulb went on for me. AND there I was at 7 & Haggerty -- and there was Home Depot...synchronicity -- I was supposed to be there to see this.

I went in and found something similar to the sign parts. Then as I was looking around I found this mesh stuff that is something between chicken wire and window screen...they sell it for making armatures in a slightly lighter weight at Michaels but it is waaaaaay more expensive there. But it came in like a 10 ft. long sheet -- got the guy to cut it in half so it would fit in my car. Nice guy...he told me how when he was in grade school his class made a gigantic brontosaurus out of papier mache with a wooden structure inside.

mesh stuff and something similar to what the road crew had

Then I was looking around some more and I spotted these things for venting stoves (?) or dryers (?) -- whatever -- I KNEW what they are really for! So I grabbed some of that stuff. Then I got lag screws for later and had to go to Ace (because, duh...I didn't remember that Home Depot is not a hardware store...they have told me that many times before).

gloves, tin snips, hack saw, stuff -- fitting on my back seat just fine

The guy at Ace was really great. He figured out what bolts and nuts I would need to put the angle iron pieces together (ha...I know what it is called now). I also bought a ratchety thing set in a case for later. Probably good to have on hand. (Oh, I also got a couple of balls at Toys R Us -- they didn't have any reeeeeeally big ones, though.)

the ratchety thing set (in a case!), bolts, nuts, and balls

These will all go together to become the armature for another project that will take me a long time to do -- but this is how stuff like this comes together for me. I don't know exactly what it will be, but I know it will be some kind of beast with at least one prancey foot. It will not be anything like the giant horse, but that is where the image came from. It makes sense to me.

yeah -- I knew EXACTLY what these parts really are

I love this statue -- it is SO HUGE -- look at me -- I'm tiny!

Me and Nina Akamu's The American Horse at Frederick Meijer Sculpture Gardens in Grand Rapids, MI

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