Friday, May 27, 2011

365 Day 146 (a day late)

painting glass for eyes

This is the first few stages of trying to paint glass eyes for projects. I did a practice piece a few weeks ago that turned out reasonably well and I thought I'd give it a go for real.

These are those clear glass bead/drops that you get at Michaels for putting in vases to hold flower stems or that sort of thing. We also use them as counters in Magic: the Gathering.

First I painted a black pupil, then second coated the pupils.

just the black for pupils

Next I chose colors for the eyes. These are just the first coats of color. It takes a long time for this regular paint to dry on the glass. No doubt there is real paint for glass that I could be using, but I want to use what I have on hand and make it work. This paint wants to rub off when you touch also sort of re-wets itself when you add a second coat of wet paint.

first coat of color on: a pair of green eyes, a pair of orange eyes and a pair of pink/gold eyes

a large green eye after one coat of paint

one of the orange eyes, first coat of paint

I will add another color over the colors I have chosen so far, hopefully that will add a little dimension to the look. Then I will seal the backs with a coat of spray varnish. That should make them durable enough. We'll see.

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