Saturday, May 28, 2011

365 day 148

New CAT!

Hey -- the kitten didn't work out, but the foster mom invited me back to the adoption day and I met the 2-yr-old cat that I loved first at the rescue's website (but I thought a kitten was going to work better with Twink -- boy was I wrong -- AND I was intensely allergic to the kitten).

This guy came with the name Vladimir, but we will be changing it as soon as we figure out what his name really is.

this is his photo from the foster home

And yes, this IS my 365 Project entry for today. I don't know ANYthing more artful or inspirational than a cat.

our new guy

(that's an "eeek-a-mouse" toy in the background)


lil' Red Hood said...

i love cats and hope that yours loves you and you love him for the rest of his life and that you are happy :) best wishes


Woodie said...

Sorry the kitten didnt work out, I know you were excited. But this guy is lovely, too! I agree about creativity and cats, I think they bring a spirit to a home that inspires.

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