Friday, May 27, 2011

365 Day 147

more plaster cloth guys

These are the last 4 (out of 10) small plaster cloth guys I am making to submit to that show I spoke of several weeks ago.

This is the next stage of their development into guys. I just let the plaster cloth tell me what they are...although I am still not quite sure what a few of them are. ALL 10 need more work, but at least I've got them all to that same stage now.

#7 before

#7 after

#8 before

#8 after
this was kinda odd -- I was trying to make a catlike face for this one, but I couldn't get the ears right and then the ears made it taller than the 8" limit for the show -- I pulled the ears off and the plaster cloth made me put them on sideways to make a mouth...this is one of the more strange ones and I don't know what exactly it is yet...bird? fish? dunno yet.

#9 before

#9 after

#10 before

#10 after

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