Monday, May 16, 2011

365 Day 136 -- part two (!)

yep -- part two!

A light bulb came on over my head a little while ago and I decided to act instead of over think it.

I had three more wooden plaques and I can submit up to twelve pieces to that call for art that I mentioned. This will make ten (so far). And if they don't take any of them, then I have them for me...or for later. (Which is what I really want, anyway...LOL)

A short time ago -- back when I was spending my tax refund on various supplies -- I stumbled upon these long foam tubes. They are for playing with in a swimming pool. They are much nicer than styrofoam forms (and a whole lot less expensive!) -- they cut easier, and they are no where near as static-filled crumblies all over the place.

I taped the plaques and the first chunk of foam tube and put them together. Then for the next two thinner ones I just taped the plaques and added the tubes without masking tape. It seemed to go well, so I will have to reevaluate the need to use masking tape on this stuff once this layer is dry.

The biggest and best part of this session was that I used the new (to me) plaster cloth. WOW! What a difference! I. LOVE. THIS. BRAND. Man oh manny man!

There is more plaster in the cloth. It is "fluffier" and smoother and thicker and just so much more wonderful than any other plaster cloth I have tried...and I really liked my other brand. PLUS, it is six inches wide. The other brand comes in four inches or eight inches. Six is perfect.
AND it comes in a continuous strip that is loaded fan-style into the box...twenty pounds of plaster cloth in a continuous strip -- no more opening packages in the middle of making something because I need just a bit more. SO cool!

I am so thrilled with this new plaster cloth that I am likely to cover another guy tonight. Really. I am that fired up about it!

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