Sunday, May 15, 2011

365 Day 135

prep work -- taping

Wow -- I cleared the big studio table enough to be able to work again!

Today -- all day -- like from noon until now (6:15) -- was spent in plaster cloth guys preparation...namely, taping. There were paper tubes, little boxes, wooden plaques and two balls that all
needed to be taped separately with masking tape, then joined together with masking tape.

There is a local call for art that these may work out for. The theme is for small(er) art and everything submitted must be 8"x8"x8" or less. I am not totally sure yet what they will turn out to be, but I know they will be plaster cloth. I am excited to find out as they reveal themselves.

I started out taping paper tubes, thinking I was making parts for the studio snake. That really l-o-n-g skinny tube was a donation from Juana --it will be used for a different project.

This is the first potential plaster cloth guy from earlier today.

This is all seven of them...waiting to tell me what or who they are when the plaster cloth starts going on.

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