Saturday, April 7, 2012

2102/365 - Day 98

taking a look at the watercolor re-do

 The goat creature still needs to dry a bit more so tonight I turned my attention elsewhere.

Back on Day 58 Part Two I started a collage over a watercolor color painting that I purchased for this purpose.  Tonight I am reading it to find the characters.

Here is the piece as it is tonight.  I kept turning it over and over to look at different views and shapes and I chose this one.

The main idea is a guy walking and a guy behind him.  

I brightened these detail photos a bit so it is easier to see what I am seeing.  I didn't take the time to go in and outline with the photo program's paint tool because I just didn't feel like it.  

If you can't see what I'm seeing in this blog entry, you will probably be able to see the characters emerging later on as the collage progresses.

This will be the guy behind the main character.  I think this guy is a badger or maybe a bear or a dog.  This is mostly just his head and he is looking to the left.

This will be the main character.  He is a cat or rabbit or something and he is walking towards the left with his one arm swinging out/pointing out in front of him and his other arm down at his side.  

I haven't decided on his exact face yet because there are so many possibilities in the layers of paper and I just found him tonight.

This is his arm down by his side. The green is the sleeve of his garment and his little hand is at the end.

This is his other arm, the one out in front of him.  The sleeve is green with his little hand sticking out.

And here is an overall shot of the collage under the mat.  This is closer to the actual colors.

Tonight's thoughts for this collage are:
  • the guy walking and the guy behind him
  • define the characters with ink and/or paint
  • reattach the mat and use the original frame and glass
  • maybe do some sort of additional embellishment of the mat
I have a show in mind for this piece and I think I can make the deadline for it.

I don't understand WHY there is so much space in between the photos in this post and why there is so much space before the last section.  In the "compose" version of the editor, it looks fine.  In the html version all of the lines are touching.  I don't get the spaces.

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williamhessian said...

i really like the idea of an ink drawing over top of the watercolor/collage. the colors and shapes are very intriguing and I would love to see what you introduced to interact with it.

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