Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2012/365 - Day 108

here's the thing...

I'm feeling a bit scatterbrained today and I forgot my camera at home when Juana and I went to collect our unsold pieces from the Grosse Pointe Art Center (Where the Wild Things Art show).  Juana also dropped off two pieces for the upcoming show there.  It is kind of hard to document things for posting on the blog without a camera.

Then we went to LIFT to change some of the art in the Art-o-mat machine there.

I am really worn out tonight and I honestly can't think of a project I can work on.

But here are some photos I took this evening once I found my camera.  Sheesh.

Twink was cracking me up with the expressions on his face and that painting behind him.

This is one of the pieces I brought home today.

And this is the wall space I chose for it.

I am actually pretty happy this didn't sell because I really love these guys and the way the whole canvas turned out. 

This was the original repurposed canvas #1.

I missed this guy while he was gone, too.

I love his face and his hands.

For now -- until I find more permanent spots for both of these guys -- they can hang out right here in the studio and be wild together.

I got the giraffe the night of the opening of the show...he was not in the show, but another giraffe by the same artist was.

So...yep...this is a sort of lame blog entry.  I am not going to pretend -- sometimes it is just plain dull around here with nothing much happening...still, I wanted to check in and be accountable to myself and the blog.

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