Monday, April 2, 2012

2012/365 - Day 93

why do these free places keep making changes I don't want?

I knew this forced change was coming, but I have been putting off because I didn't want to have to learn how to do the blog in a different way.  As you probably know from earlier whining(s), I am not at all computery and computery changes are really difficult for me.  I get used to doing something one way and that's how I want it to stay.  Nevermind that Facebook and Blogger are both free and no one has a gun to my head to be at either place -- I really dislike computer changes.  There.  Now I will start the adapting process...dammit.

(And see -- you can't even see what I am talking about -- everything looks "normal", doesn't it?  It has to do with the blog entry posting thingy.)


Okay.  Here is what the bear-like creature looks tonight.  No face, no ears.  I am still debating whether to shelf this project and move on (for now) or give it one more day of thinking about it.

THIS is what I am working on tonight until I go to bed.  LOL -- I have to clean an area at the big studio table so I can even take on the plaster cloth repairs to the bear-like creature.


Pamela Patterson Reinhardt said...

So with you on the computer thing...tried (why oh why oh why) the new 'dynamic view' on blogger and couldn't get my old blog back (if you can imagine the trauma....)so am adjusting. lost all my widgets or gadgets or links to my etsy shop......can SO relate...I'm around and always checking on your posts, you are such an interesting artist and I love your never ending creative energy. (I like your collage up above, btw...I had one of those ooooohhhh moments when I saw it. Exciting.

Took said...

I know...I DO feel your frustration and annoyance and loss about the old Blogger. It seems to me that Blogger should realize that the people who are actively blogging and haven't voluntarily switched to the new editing/posting thing or the "dynamic" view just plain DON'T WANT IT and that's why they haven't done it on their own. And I really dislike coming off as a big ol' cry baby about this topic. I could easily have chosen Typepad or Word Press or one of those other blogging sites, but I chose Blogger because I really liked the way it worked (back then) and I am too computer incompetent to attempt to find another site and import all the content from my current blog.

I understand this is a free site. I get it that no one has a gun to my head to stay here. I have so much time (and emotion) invested here. I'd be willing to pay a reasonable fee to go back to the way things were and KEEP them that way.

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