Friday, April 20, 2012

2102/365 - Day 111

building a marsupial part two

I never got back to work on the glider-creature last night.  But I just now had a flash of an idea and it might be good.

 I was cleaning up the kitchen counters late this morning and this was in my "wash-it-now-and-save-it-for-reuse" stack.  It seemed to me it might be just the right width for the pouch.

I want the smallish pouch to have a rounded over edge so it is easy to put things into it when it is completed.  It makes my life a whole lot easier if I can get the shape partially ready in the prep stages.

This tray seemed to fit the bill -- but I had to figure out the right configuration for cutting it and putting it together in the new way.  You know me and math-y frustrating.

I cut it in half and kept turn the halves over each other and every time I thought I was "getting" it, it just wasn't it. 

Finally, the collaborators stepped in...good thing they stayed for a while, too!

The collaborators and I looked at my sketch and sort of pieced together temporary arms and taped the pouch and arms in place.

Hmmm...not too bad for a first stab...but we need some hands.  Sugar gliders have those creepy/cool long fingers on their hands.

A-ha!  Remember those really long wooden paint stirs I tried to make hands/arms with a while back?  I still have them!

(oh my gosh -- when I went back in the blog to look for the entry to link to I had NO idea I was working on this guy with these hands!)

Maybe these can give us ideas...

Well, they'd have to be cut to the right size and angles...but this is the general idea I am going for.

Oooh -- good idea, collaborators!

The spots on the creatures neck are made from these glass pebbles.  How about if we take the already cut fingers from the wooden hands and use them on more of the glass pebbles?

We got a better feel for it on the second hand.

Yeah...that's getting there now!

And this is where they wanted to stop for now...everything just kind of faded out and I think we need to leave it and figure out the "real" arms.

I will need to take it apart and plaster cloth the elements in the right order for attaching to the main piece...and that is a whole 'nother session's worth of work.  

The actual plaster cloth work seems to be a better fit for later in the evening.  I think it helps me to have the day behind me and nothing else poking at me...then the plaster cloth is really relaxing and that is when the ideas really start to flow... collaborators partytime.

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