Monday, April 23, 2012

2012/365 - Day 114

building a marsupial - part three

This was a quick plaster cloth session tonight...and a very simplified blog entry. 

Two things are at work against me...the Bendaryl I took for my horrific allergies is kicking in much, much quicker than I thought it would and I am getting pretty loopy.  The second thing is the outside edge of my left hand started doing those painful -- but very wacky (and a little scary) to look at -- cramps where (in this case) my baby finger is being pulled away from the rest of my hand and twisting a little bit downwards.  I shake it out and it stops but then another wave starts...maybe I am a bit dehydrated or something. are the photos from me covering the marsupial's pouch with plaster cloth and then attaching it to the body.  Besides the aforementioned problems, I also need to see how I make the arms and hands before I get the plaster cloth too built up.

( my upper arm (like where they would give you a shot) is starting to do the cramping thing...maybe from typing in this odd position?  I'm going to go and watch tv and drink water all night.)

1 comment:

Woodie said...

i love the pouch! i hope your had/arm is doing better, now.

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