Thursday, April 12, 2012

2012/365 - Day 103

Second Thursday stuff

Tonight was another get together of the Second Thursday group.  We met at Peggy's house tonight and it was just Peggy, Leann and me.

Peggy came up with the activity for tonight.

We used Exacto knives to alter and cut up an issue of National Geographic...inspired by the artwork of that guy who does amazing things to encyclopedias and books.  

Here is a link for the artist Peggy was telling us about -- Brian Dettmer.

This is one that Peggy worked on prior to us coming over and it is waaaaay cooler in person than in the photos.

This is Peggy demonstrating how to get started.

Leann and her magazine.

Mine in progress.

I love taking photos of people taking photos.

This was a really great project -- Thanks, Peggy!

I brought home a second magazine that I will combine with the first one.  I will blog about when I work on it again.

After we were done with our project we went over to Ruth's apartment.  

Ruth invited us over to go through some buttons and jewelry bits she acquired.  There is a lot of really cool stuff in there!

Thanks, Ruth!

We invited Ruth to join the Second Thursday group and she accepted!

(again tonight I am seeing "invisible" boxes over one of the photos in my blog post...I can't get rid of them and I hope they aren't there in your view.)

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