Wednesday, April 11, 2012

12/365 - Day 102

Artist Trading Card Exchange Group

Tonight was our ATC Exchange Group meeting.  This month's theme was "Flight".  There were a lot of different takes on the idea of flight...all of the cards were so great!

Leann brought a ton of supplies and showed us part two of her carving techinques.  We all made reduction prints by carving little erasers and printing with different colors of ink pad.  Such fun!  The time just flew by!

I didn't get around to see everybody's prints, but Ruth was sitting to my left and here is one of her carvings.  The colors are so pretty.  They remind me of the tulip from last night.

Ruth is so good with the use of color.

This was my first one.  It was done in three stages on the flip side of a little cow head eraser.

I used a flower-shaped eraser for my second print and took Leann's suggestion to carve the eraser on the end of a pencil for the center of the flower.

I don't usually try to just make a pattern so I looked at a design book that Leann brought and put a couple of ideas together and came up with this.  I sort of like it, but it was more of a learning experience to see how things would look the more I carved spaces away.

These are the cards I made for trading.  I printed out photos I found by Googling the word flight and the word crow.  I couldn't find the sources again when I went back to look up who made the original elements.  I used details from several photos.  The wings are from a Tiffany's ad in a magazine -- they are white diamond earrings with other parts that hang down from them.  I scanned the magazine picture and changed the color in my photo program.

The three light green dots on the cards above the open card are chartreuse colored brads that let the wings and head fold up from behind.

These are the five wonderful cards I got in trade.  They are by Margie, Emily, Jane, Barb and Sandy.

I was also lucky enough to get one of Leann's "extras" of her flying chicken reduction print.  And Barb had a few Circle cards from last month (she had to miss last month).

Barb also brought her two cards for our tarot deck project.  I am still waiting for the last two cards before I show all of the ones in our set.

What a marvelous group of fun people -- the time just flies by so fast!

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