Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2102/365 - Day 109

can a change be big AND subtle at the same time?

I've been trying to find a way to tone down the giraffe/llama's neck area and cover up the blue and pink spots, but still be able to have her neck stand out from the background papers AND look different than the horse's nose.  This is canvas #6.

Last week I met up with Karen Monroe to talk about Art-o-mat prototypes.  I know Karen through Leann and the Artist Trading Card Exchange group.  At the end of our session Karen gifted me with some really great rinsed out and dried tea two colors (from different tea types) (sorry, I'm not a tea drinker...not sure if that is the right terminology).

Karen said one color was from the kind of tea she drinks and the other is from the one her husband likes.  She hadn't had much luck yet with working with the tea bags for her artwork so she brought me a good sized stack to try out. 

VOILA!  They are JUST what I needed for this canvas!

I am working with the lighter ones on the left.

Here is a long-ish shot of the area I need to tone down.

A little closer...the pink and blue aren't quite right for this canvas.

A close up of the area I will work on.

I've never handled tea bags much -- not to mention used, then rinsed out and dried ones.

They are very easily torn and you can keep the thinly folded over edges in tact!

And best of all for my purposes -- you can see right through them once they are applied to the surface of the collage!

I was able to put on a thin layer of matte medium, cover over the Neutral Gray outline I have and adhere the torn pieces to the areas.

You can see in this photo that the edges of the tea bags make marvelous new outlines for the neck.


...they alter the surface color just enough, plus it is a whole different texture and weight difference from the horse's nose.

PLUS the areas where the torn tea bags shapes overlap create another dimension of color spots for the giraffe/llama.

Most of the left side of the neck is covered -- see? --
BIG changes, yet subtle changes -- both at the same time!

I can't wait to see how it looks when it is totally dry.

Thank You SO much, Karen!

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