Sunday, April 22, 2012

2012/365 - Day 113


I did it!!!  I cleared up the clutter behind my desk in my studio -- I can spin around in my chair again!  I can dance around to music!  I can walk into the CD closet and find music I am looking for!  The paper is all together! 

 I have a good feeling that the Universal collaborators will be showing up later tonight -- especially now that there is so much room!

You can see the "before" photos in the post for Day 112.


Deb Harvey said...

Looks Great! I need to clean my studio...I can hardly get in the door.

Carla said...

since my room is also my studio... it's impossible to keep clean. you would be shocked by any "before" pictures!

Yours looks awesome now! Yay for spinning room!

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