Monday, April 9, 2012

2012/365 - Day 100

wow -- what?

Wow -- it sure doesn't feel like we are one hundred days into the year already. 


Last night I was cutting up the cardboard trays that the cat food cans come in.  Today I realized that I could use the ends of the trays, too.  Duh!

I cut the strips into little pieces...

...and they work pretty darn well to fill in gaps between the tomato cage grid and the chicken wire inside of the base...however...

...there are still some areas underneath the tomato cage and chicken wire where the chicken wire doesn't touch the aluminum foil.  I will still have to figure that part out before I try to add masking tape and plaster cloth.

It is sort of strange re-starting a project like this.  The cat-creature's chicken wire base was done so differently compared to this one.  To come back and try and work out the mistakes in this goat-creature quite a challenge.

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