Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2012/365 - Day 116

building a marsupial part five

Where are the Universal collaborators -- that is what I'd like to know.

I have such trouble with mirror image things/things that come in pairs...hands, eyes, etc.  I can usually make one (or the other) that I like...but then making something even similar is really tough for me.  Two and a half hours break...that's what it took to tweak these hands to fit the pouch.

These are the original hands...the ones that needed tweaking.

This is where they need to be wide enough to hold onto the pouch.

Okay.  I like this hand.  This is the glider-creature's right hand but for me it is the left hand -- looking straight onto the creature while I am building it...the one on the left side of the assemblage.

And is the creature's left hand -- the one on my right, facing the creature.

See...sort of close, but not really.

Here is my left hand taped sort of in place.  

I need to leave room for plaster cloth on the fingers and hand.

This is my right hand taped sort of in place.

These are going to be a real trip to try and attach to this creature,  I'm telling you right now.

I'd like to shoot for making arms and attaching the hands to the arms tomorrow...we will have to see how far I get.

Friday is the road trip to South Haven.

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