Saturday, April 21, 2012

2012/365 - Day 112

yikes -- I've got my work cut out for me today!

Yow!  I have GOT to clear up the clutter in my studio in the area(s) behind my desk and chair!  These pictures don't even come close to showing the mess...LOL


Overall view from my desk chair looking left and back a little.  I couldn't get into the corner to get the whole shot -- that's how crowded/cluttered it is back here...LOL

A shot just beyond into the CD closet...


...this is just scratching the surface of the number of CDs that need to be sorted and put back on the shelves in alphabetic order...but you know what...this is one of my favorite chores.

Swiveling my chair completely around, this is part of the task...this includes putting papers away and sorting through my Art-o-mat stock.

I am going to be SO busy today/this evening/tonight!

I will take some time late tonight and reward myself by working on the plaster cloth part of the marsupial I am building.

1 comment:

Armored Hearts said...

So envious of your space. I wish I had one... other than the kitchen table... :)
I love looking at how you keep everything together... thanks for sharing!

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