Sunday, April 29, 2012

2012/365 - Day 120

a reminder (for myself)

Every so often -- when I beat myself up about a blog post -- I need to remind myself that the blog is basically for me.  It is a tool for keeping myself busy and accountable.  It is a way to document my projects and the process and progress of each one...but it is all done for me.

Today I wanted to come to the blog and talk more about the road trip we just took.  I also wanted to work on the marsupial.  I wanted to have the marsupial (at least "stage one" of it) done in time for the deadline of the online art show I chose to participate in this month.  None of that is happening...and it is okay.

Instead, I am choosing to be give myself a break and enjoy today's incredible "find".

Ruth and I got together late this morning and went to an estate sale, then to lunch at the yummy Thai restaurant (mmm-mmmm!) and then we stopped by the antique mall so Ruth could see if she could find any vintage buttons.  She did, and I also found something that I thought was long gone.

LOOK at this marvelous piece of horse tack. 

It is SO cool -- I don't know for sure (yet) what the material is.  It sort of feels like bakelite or something.  I am also not exactly sure what it is -- perhaps a section of bridle or halter -- my sister or niece will be able to figure it out.

I think it will be a great accessory of some sort for a (future) plaster cloth creature.
The pieces are so smooth and feel so nice when you touch them.  The colors are really good.  

The rusted metal parts look really neat next to the worn and weathered leather parts.

When my sister and I went back to the antique mall (about a month ago) to look for this piece it wasn't where it was when I first saw it with Joan and Leann...and I thought it had been sold.  I am SO happy I found it again today!

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