Thursday, April 19, 2012

2012/365 - Day 110

marsupials and other Australian oddities

I belong to EBSQ and they have monthly online art shows.  At the beginning of the year they issued a challenge for artists to commit to submitting art for at least one show a month for a year.  That seemed to me to have my name written all over it.

One of this month's shows is Marsupials and Other Australian Oddities.   I already have an older ATC I can submit, but I wanted to make something new, too.

This guy has been morphing into a lot of different things.  Right now he seems to be some sort of totem animal.

I looked up the word marsupial and found that there is something that he kind of sort of somewhat resembles.  I am going to work off of that...and he certainly will be an oddity.

I had heard of sugar gliders before, but I had never seen a picture of one.  Imagine my surprise to learn they were marsupials  -- and -- it already partly looks like the guy I made up.

How odd.

This has so much potential...and its little hands and fingers are so creepy/cool.

The photo is from here.

Okay -- so this is the glider-creature as it is today.

How can I give it a pouch?  What else will I do with it?

I found a sheet of styrofoam packing material that was in my reuse bin and I cut it into strips.  What a mess -- all those little static-filled tiny balls floating around!

I cleared up all the debris and quickly put aluminum foil around the pieces...whew!

At first I just tried to cut the pieces and hold them to the body to see if I could make arms and hands...yeh...that wasn't very productive.  It became a major math problem very quickly.

No getting around it, I had to try to sketch it.

Then I went shopping in the basement...

...I wonder what will make the best pouch?

I will work on this some more tonight.  I wanted to blog it now before I got too far along when I wouldn't want to stop and take photos and blog about it.  I am hoping my Universal collaborators are planning on coming over.

When I was looking for marsupials I also looked for Australian myths and legends and that led me to The Dreamtime/The Dreaming and after that I also looked at some aboriginal art to see what possibly might work its way into the piece.  

There is another upcoming art exhibition I have in mind that calls for collage and assemblage.  I am hoping this finished piece will work for that show, too...but that isn't until July.  Plenty of time to keep morphing.

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