Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2012/365 - Day 101

sometimes talking is just as good as doing

I got together with Ruth today...it seems like it has been quite a while since we've been able to just get lunch and coffee and talk...and then come back to my house and work on artist trading cards or other things.  

We started out with good intentions, although Ruth hasn't been feeling the theme for this month's ATCs. We were hoping to get something going for her when we came back after our late lunch/early dinner at Tuscan Cafe.  

 When we pulled in the driveway I wanted to show Ruth these tulips that look like they have been painted by an artist, there are so many colors on each flower.

Ruth wanted to bring one inside to look at it closer.

See the stylus and little foam rectangles just beyond the flower?  Ruth really did try to make something for the trade but she really just hasn't been feeling connected to the theme.  She carved a picture, we printed it...but it wasn't happening.

We talked some more about some of the things we talked about over coffee and I went down to the basement to retrieve some photo albums to show her so she could put faces to people I was mentioning.

While I was grabbing the photo albums I remembered the Rubberstampmadness article about some carvings I did a long time ago and she hadn't seen it...so I brought that up, too.

Ruth is always so interested in seeing what I'm working on in person...she sees things in the blog and likes to come over and see for herself.  I dragged the canvases out to the dining room because it really is easier to see the emerging creatures in person vs viewing them in photos on a laptop.

We had a sort of mini work-in-progress show.

It was cool because we brought each canvas over to the table and looked at it closely.  We talked about how I might be able to define the creatures, how much to leave in, where to stop, do I paint them, leave them alone, ink them, add more paper...
stuff like that.  It was really good to get feedback.

We had such a good time.  We both really needed it, we really needed to get out of the house and get together.  Sometimes talking is just as good as doing.  

I'm a little talked out and thought out right now.  I have all the parts for my ATCs printed out and cut out -- all the pieces and supplies are ready -- I just need to assemble them.  I will do that later tonight and have them ready for trading tomorrow.  I wanted to blog now so I don't have to worry about how late it is getting and rush the deadline and all that later on. 

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