Wednesday, September 21, 2011

365 Day 264

more monster tweaking

Okay. Remember this canvas that I am repurposing and working on in stages? It started out as three ghosts then turned into a monster and two ghosts.

And you no doubt know of the incredible illustrator/author Edward Gorey.

Well. I am in no way trying to suggest that I will ever get close to his incredible work, but -- heavily influenced by Edward Gorey -- I want to try and make a million little lines to give my monster some fur and then detail in the fur.

I am so blown away by Edward Gorey's subtle changes in the density of the lines and how there is so much IN there.

That sky/background. That fur. Man oh manny man.

So, I am tweaking the monster's fur more today.

Right now I am just trying to get some feel of thicker fur.

And maybe a bit of definition in the middle with not so many lines.

I am already happier with the monster than when I first started playing with this canvas. And that is the main point of this whole exercise for me. I will keep at it and keep at it.


williamhessian said...

i really love it. i am also a drooling admirer of EG. Sometimes I can't even tell what he is doing to make his little drawing so inviting and charming, and yet full of life and eerie.

the fuzz is looking great. I hope to get back to these blocks soon. I've got a few more done but lots left to do.

Took said...

Thanks very much, Mr. Billy!

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