Sunday, September 11, 2011

365 Day 254

two deadlines on Wednesday that really means I need to be done with these two projects on Tuesday night.

Today I have been working on cleaning up and doing more to this background linocut for my landscape entries.

How it looked when I started out today.

I added these lines last night.

I also added these marks last night.

Today I am making the marks deeper/bigger with the next size blade...I am also cleaning up the lines on the bottom part.

I added another row of marks.

And then I added skinny lines in between the marks.

I also cleaned up the sky and defined the trees.

Test print on newsprint to see where I am.

close up of ground

I don't know what else I am going to do to the background...I need to look at it and think about it some more. I am pretty sure I am going to lighten up the sun/moon. This really strained my back today...I didn't realize how long I was sitting and doing the carving and then the test printing. Man -- I am ready for physical therapy tomorrow, that's for sure!

The other project that has a Wednesday deadline is the artist trading cards with the children's literature characters theme.

I printed them out on nice watercolor paper and I will paint them individually. I want to choose my favorite quote from the characters (The Mad Hatter and The Cheshire Cat) to put on the back of the ATC.

I also will be the person doing the presentation to the group...I will be talking about Art-o-mat and what goes into making a prototype and the submission process. I just need to gather up some samples and supplies for that. Oh, and print out the paperwork for folks who want it.

I figured I would post this blog entry now because immediately afterewards I am going to cold pack my back and sit in my chair with my purr therapist for a while. Later on I will begin painting the ATCs. The carving is done for today...I can only do more planning on that project tonight. I know basically what I want it all to look like, it is mainly a matter of finishing the background and then doing all the printing. Assembly of the three landscapes will be F*U*N.

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