Tuesday, September 6, 2011

365 Day 249

more plaster cloth

I worked on these plaster cloth guys before I went to bed on Monday.

This guy was several different guys before becoming the tiger-creature he is now.

Also, see that dog-like head to the left of this guy? I will be working on him later...

This guy first started out as a possible entry to a figurative show...then I discovered that figurative (in this particular case) meant the human figure. I tried three different approaches and designs and was just not happy with any of them, so the base figure was set aside for a while.

Then the Meth and Hot Dogs show came along and I made him into this guy -- a cat guy called 'Nipped who was hopelessly addicted to catnip. I really love the idea of 'Nipped but I was not happy with the execution of him. He went through a lot of paint layers, ended up being layered in tissue papers to get the colors and then painted. I liked the look and feel of the finished tissue paper layers, but wasn't happy with the paint job...but still put him in the show because I had been accepted and was committed to it. I loved his companion piece -- his nasty little snake of a dealer -- and I still have him, but this version of 'Nipped wasn't doing it for me. When the show was over I decided to rework this base piece. My friend Juana told me the "recipe" for making a cat face with three ball shapes and I couldn't believe that I was able to make this guy into something that resembles a tiger-creature...but, bye-bye 'Nipped (for now/this version).

So, this guy has been sitting for a while (along with many other guys) in a partially constructed state. Now that the studio is cleaned up enough that I can work with plaster cloth again I decided it was time to work on this guy some more.

This photo shows the new face on what was the back of 'Nipped's head. Now 'Nipped's face is the back of the tiger-creature's head.

The first few plaster cloth triangles are applied.

'Nipped is gone (for now) (this version, anyway).

I am not sure what I will do with the ears yet, so I left room for them...plus I want to remember how the tissue paper looked and felt.


There he is, set aside to dry for a while.

I put him into a tomato cage and crammed hard cardboard boxes in to stabilize him in the cage.

I am not sure how I will finish him, but he is pretty sturdy.

He is almost my height.

Remember that dog-like guy from the first photo? Here he is again.

I put him on another one of the heavy-weight tomato cages.

I used an upside down plastic planter and banged on the top of it to secure it and level it...and it cracked...but it is still quite useable.

This guy goes from looking like some sort of sighthound from one angle, to some sort of donkey-creature at another angle. I was aiming more for the sighthound-type creature.

I love sighthounds. Over the years I have had the pleasure of being a borzoi owner and the privilege of sharing my home with a number of Irish wolfhounds.

I also love the look of Ibizan hounds and pharaoh hounds.

And this wacky painting for a card from Magic: the Gathering.

I hope I can eventually get this guy to look like some sort of cross between an Ibizan hound and the creature on the Staying Power card.

But for now, I am happy to give him this temporary "body". It feels like I am beginning to make some progress with him.

I put him up on the big table so I could secure the planter to the tomato cage without having to turn upside down to work on it. It was about four inches from the ceiling!

I don't know how much this will actually secure the dog guy to the tomato cage, but it seems pretty stable. Later on when the piece gets more of a body it will become just the inner structure anyway.

And there he is drying next to the tiger-creature.

The twirly sprinkler thing crown bear-creature, the tiger-creature and the dog-creature...I wonder what they talk about when I go to bed.

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