Saturday, September 3, 2011

more follow up: studio clean up

more progress on a Saturday afternoon...

You know the slider puzzles where you have to keep moving things around to finally get to the numbers in the correct order or to make a picture from a bunch of jumbled tiles?

Well, that is what my studio is like right now. I have stacks of things, bins, boxes, etc. that I can't really put anywhere permanent until I move other things around, but in order to do that I need to make what looks like a bigger mess for a while then I can undo it and move things around again. It also traps me in corners/areas of the studio...good thing no one came to the door with a delivery!

Here is an example. See how the shelf at the upper left corner is starting to get filled up with stuff already? And see the moveable stacks of things?

In this photo I am making a path back to the window to move a table to be able to set that shelf over in its place so that I can put works in progress there.

The table that will be switched...I think it will give me more walking space in the long run...but for the moment the room is a giant sliding puzzle.


I moved the table and put the shelf in its place and popped all of the smaller in-progress plaster cloth guys on it.

There is also room under the bottom shelf where I can stash other things or maybe a box of plaster cloth.

Moving the little plaster cloth guys freed up space on these shelves.

And those shelves are on the left side of this photo.

This is where I moved the table. It is otherwise "dead" space and now the papier mache cat is safe, too.

Oh, man...I need to make better use of this storage rack!

Ha...the twirly sprinkler crown bear is temporarily safe in the studio bathroom.

 order to be able to get back out of the corner I trapped myself in I needed to move the stacks of stuff in front of the newly placed works in progress shelf.

Again, a temporary sliding puzzle move.

And hey -- I can get back out of the studio again!

Time for another well-deserved break I'd say!

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