Sunday, September 4, 2011

365 Day 247


Remember these guys from a few months ago? Well, now that the big table is cleared off to the work surface again, I was going to allow myself to make something with plaster cloth tonight.

Figuring I was beating the seasonal change(s) at Target (balls) and Home Depot (tomato cages), I bought those items quite a while ago in preparation for making more of these guys.

First things first. I have enough balls to make 4 more guys, so I needed to cut the stakes off of 4 cages. But because I can only do two guys in one night, I just pulled off 2 cages.

I couldn't find the wire cutters I used before, so I decided to saw them off with the hack saw. Not that big of a deal.

Or so I thought.

Man -- it took forEVER to cut them. I know it wasn't that difficult before because I used the wire cutters...and now I was having trouble with a saw? Whatever. I put it down to having carried stuff down to the basement and out to the garage and having moved furniture yesterday.

My right wrist, hand, arm are killing me...

You know, while I was bitching and moaning to myself and sawing and bending and sawing more, I was thinking that the other cages only had three "legs"...these have four...but no, how could that be? I got them at the same Home Depot in the same location in the garden center. But I am a very very stubborn (triple) Capricorn and I kept plugging away until I finished all 8 of the legs.

Whew -- I finished and went to put one of the smaller balls onto the first ring and secure it with some masking tape. DUH! The ball wasn't even close to the right fell right through! The wowl is sitting on top of (probably) the last one of the old tomato cages I have, so I switched it to compare the two cages.

Dayum! (Thank You, Woodie Anderson, for the spelling of how I usually say that!)

Take a LOOK at the difference between the stakes!


No WONDER my wrist, etc. are swelling up!

This was my first "clue"...this ball is supposed to sit ON TOP of the first ring.


LOL -- I am SO done for tonight. I am off to ice pack my wrist, etc.

I guess I will try to locate smaller tomato cages on Tuesday!

AND I will use my Dremel Tool to cut the rest of the legs off of the other cages!

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