Sunday, September 4, 2011

more follow up: studio clearing

wow -- I surprised myself!

After yesterday's epic moving of things around the studio, up and down the stairs to the basement, and trips out to the garage I am very surprised that I managed to get ANYthing else done in the studio clean up today.

But LOOK -- it's the work surface of the big table! Oh my gosh -- I can allow myself to work with plaster cloth tonight!

You can actually SEE all the way from the door to the very back of the studio!

And yep, yep, yep -- I can WALK around behind my desk and...

...into the CD closet (instead of climbing over stuff and moving piles of things to get to a path),

If I was strong enough, I could even use the elliptical machine -- but that will come later once we get stuff straightened out.

I really can't believe I have gotten this far in clearing out the studio space. There is still quite a bit to do, but at least I can work at the table again!

And NO OBSTACLE COURSE to get to my desk!


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