Sunday, September 18, 2011

365 Day 261

working on the goat-like plaster cloth guy

I am not feeling very wordy tonight, so I am just going to list the steps I took to set up and work on this stage of the (now) goat-like plaster cloth guy.

1. Get my hair out of my face and put on my plaster cloth making shirt. Snap a photo in the mirror on the bathroom door.

2. Open iTunes, put it on shuffle, close my eyes and "spin" the cursor to a ra
ndom song, crank up the volume.

3. Spread out some well-used contractor trash bags in a half-assed attempt to cover the floor where I'm going to work.

4. Grab a stack of plaster cloth.

5. Cut the plaster cloth into triangles.

6. Set the ears aside...not ready for them yet.

7. Set the cup of coffee at the oppo
site end of the
table...safely out of range of dripping plaster.

8. Get the container of hot-as-I-can-stand-it
water and place it by the plaster cloth.

9. Set the, uh..goat-like guy in work area and cut off the aluminum foil beard...I will figure out something else when it is time for that.

10. Lay on the first few pieces of plaster cloth triangles and take a quick photo before hands get too plastery.

11. Yay -- snap a photo of the end of this stage.

12. Carefully set the goat-like guy against the wall so that I don't get caught on the end of one of his horns as I walk by him.

13. Think, "hey...I still have some triangles left...what else can I do?"

14. Choose the lion-like guy

15. Yay -- the lion-like guy looks pretty good, too!

16. Walk by the studio bathroom and notice this pile of towels...

17. ...and the incredibly wonderful shadow it is making on the wall -- sort of sheep-like or donkey-like...or some sort of creature-like.

18. Take a shot of it for later use.

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