Saturday, September 3, 2011

follow up: 365 Day 245

following up on yesterday

this was last night

yay -- this is this morning!

The first cabinet was the was just barely holding itself together. I dismantled it and bent/hammered all the sharp nail edges down. I pulled out the other sharp staples and nails and stacked all of the parts.

The second cabinet wasn't as bad. It only had the top part that was bad and for about 10 minutes I thought I would try to repair it...but it didn't want to be repaired. So I repeated all the steps.

The third cabinet, however, was in very good shape. I only needed to do something about two screws and a few staples that were sticking out. It is actually very very solid.

This is the third cabinet and the screws that were sticking out.

I've never tried to use my hack saw to actually cut metal yet (which is why I bought it in the first place) so I figured those screws would be a good test.

Success! I sawed mostly through and then banged the screw over with the hammer and it snapped right off...rendering the cabinet harmless.

I really want to try and do something with it, but it is NOT allowed to take up space in my studio until I work on it.

So I moved it out to the dining room -- where I will have to see it every day.

But for now it is out of the way and almost looks like it belongs where I stashed it. And it is even safe enough for Twink to play in if he wants to.

I have made a lot of trips out to the garage and down to the basement today already. It is incredibly hot and humid outside today. I need to listen to my very-wrecked-fat-old-woman's-body and take a break for a bit.

Yes, I brought that shelf up from the basement. No, it isn't staying where it is in the is just parked there temporarily for the afternoon.

But more obstacle course!

I am going to keep at this until the studio is useable again. It will take several days but I am going to do it!

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